Adidas Soccer Balls


Adidas soccer balls are just right for playing in each and every weather and field. Adidas brings out Power Balance Technology and have seamless latex shell design and a ground-breaking body in their soccer balls. Their skin texture makes use of great lamination procedure and the stitching is done by machine process. It provides uniform properties for consistent trajectory, maximum energy return, optimal balance, bounce and strength.

Adidas soccer balls also come with a new technique which replaces traditional stitching called thermal bonding. This results in seamless and smoother surface in addition to more ball contact receptiveness. Thermal bonding also helps in utmost abrasion resistance, significantly less water uptake and foreseeable trajectory whole time. The smooth kicking surface of Adidas soccer balls is because of its polyurethane leather outer cover. The bladders of these balls are made up of Butyl, which brings in comprehensive air retention and tremendous rebound characteristics.



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