Mini Soccer Balls


Mini soccer balls are high quality hand-stitched soccer balls that are used for both training as well as promotional purposes. They are manufactured using finest quality imported materials with Butyle or high quality latex bladder for high durability. Some of them come with detachable plug on its base. Some others are manufactured using durable polyurethane, polyethylene or cotton lined PVC material. Hand sewn 32 panel and 12 panel soccer balls are most popular among them. Promo soccer balls are yet another popular type of mini soccer balls that are designed with excellent graphics and custom logos for promotion of soccer campaigns.  Soccer balls with desired colors, company logos and promotional ideas are manufactured according to the requirement of the client and the price and quality of materials used depend upon the client’s necessity.

Soccer fanatics who are passionate over sports collect soccer balls with logos commemorating different soccer tournaments. It also makes an ideal gift for soccer lovers.



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