Puma Soccer Balls


Puma soccer balls have exclusively developed pearl polyurethane cover with high density Cotton and Polyester. This offers the ball superb flight-characteristics, bounce and shape. This soccer ball features a six-wing Latex bladder and the Puma Airlock System is designed to provide safeguard against leakage of air. Another sophisticated technology used by Puma is the Perimeter Balance Technology, which balances the valve weight and thus provides perfect shooting with accurate ballistic trajectory.

Though the market of Puma soccer balls come only after the much popular Nike and Adidas soccer balls, the soccer balls made by Puma are of high quality and is still a favorite among many soccer players. Another added advantage of the soccer balls made by Puma is that they are priced reasonably and is less expensive than its counter parts. Puma soccer balls symbolize an extraordinary grade of roundness and dimensional permanence along with a high degree of abrasion defiance.



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